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1st encountered the word curator in War of the Worlds

the man in the basement said he was a ‘curator.’ So I looked up the definition:

and now after reading the following article, I want to be one, too.

How Advanced Controls Can Boost the Bottom Line


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Cash leakage refers to excessive payments that can be caused by mistakes and fraud, among other problems. The issue arises from process complexity, unscrupulous activities, and a large volume of data and transactions. And the scope is large– it impacts small and large companies across all industries. It primarily impacts the procure-to-pay process but can also affect order-to cash and other areas, creating a multitude of problems and efficiency losses for companies. 

How can this costly problem of overpayment be remedied? 

During this webcast, our four panelists will shed some light on Advanced Controls solutions and the benefits they can have from four different perspectives.

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Boost the Bottom Line



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My favorite memories of Memphis Tigers Football


A magnificent walk down memory lane, Memphis is not just a basketball town, go Tigers go.

Originally posted on My Top 25 College Football Weblog:

My family purchased season tickets to Tiger Football in 1983 and from that day on I was hooked. Below are what I consider to be the Best Games in Memphis History.

Sept. 3, 1983 Memphis vs Ole Miss Memphis beat Ole Miss 37-17 for the first time since 1976. Joyous Memphis fans stormed the field and tore down the goalposts. Head coach Rex Dockery would be carried off the field by his team as fireworks exploded in the night’s sky.
Nov 24, 1983 Memphis at Louisville 45-7 Rex Dockery led Memphis to a blowout and the team’s first winning season in six years. It would also be his last. Less than a month later, he died in a plane crash in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee along with Chris Faros, Charles Greenhill and Glen Jones.
Oct. 6, 1984 Memphis vs #6 Florida State. Bobby Bowden’s team benefited from two pass interference calls against…

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